Our QTT Mission of Beauty

“A man without tattoos is invisible to the Gods,” Iban people of Borneo.

Body art is a way of showing individualism. Whether it is by clothing, hair, jewelry, or forms of skin art. Individuality is crucial to our vast social network, spiritual link, and personal expression. We ask ourselves:

  • How can I stand out in a crowd?
  • How will I get noticed?
  • How can I show support for a cause?

    The power of a symbol, individually or united, has an impact. An example is supporting your favorite sports team or wearing your favorite flower only because it makes you happy. Symbols surround milestone events like celebrations, coming of age, marriage, birth, and death.

    Temporary tattoos offer one day or up to fourteen days to enjoy a design. They take seconds to apply and not hours or days in a chair. The cost is minimal ($5.00 to $30.00) compared to real tats, which run from $50 to 3,000 dollars average.

    Some want to test the design before committing to a permanent tattoo, choosing placement, color, and innovation in a thought-out process. QTT is not knocking an age-old industry of permanent tattooing that legends Tats Thomas, Sailor Jerry, Kat Von D, and many more have pioneered. We are offering a temporary trending solution.