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Unicorn and Nine Tail

Unicorn and Nine Tail

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This nine-tail mystical fox spirit is widely believed to bring good luck and a unicorn. A mighty combination of good luck charms that enhance relationships and help actualize all one's wishes. These talismans are reputed as a potent cure for boosting fidelity between those in a relationship or married couple and inspiring love.

The nine-tailed mystical fox spirit is often associated with East Asian folklore and mythology. In different cultures and regions, this fox spirit is known by various names. Here are some familiar names associated with the nine-tailed fox:

 Korea: Gumiho or Kumiho

China: Jiǔwěihú or Jiǔwěihúlián (九尾狐 or 九尾狐狸)

Japan: Kyūbi no Kitsune (九尾の狐) or Kitsune no Yomeiri (狐の嫁入り)

Vietnam: Cửu Vĩ Hồ (九尾狐)

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